Proposition 10, the affordable housing act, is the biggest statewide measure to protect tenants in decades. It will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act – an outdated state law passed by the real estate lobby to undermine local tenant protections. Passing Prop 10 will bring us one step closer to having real rent control in San Francisco. Vote Yes on Prop 10!

Passing Prop 10 will do the following:

  • Protect tenants and families threatened with
    skyrocketing rents, eviction and displacement

  • Reduce homelessness caused by stabilizing rents
    and keeping people in their homes

  • Stop predatory rent gouging

  • Lower rents for new tenants by allowing the
    implementation of rent control on vacant apartments

  • Curb corporate greed by protecting families from
    Wall Street landlords

How the Costa-Hawkins undermines local tenant protections:

  • It prohibits rent control on any apartment built
    after 1995 or the year a city passed a local rent control ordinance – which was
    1979 in SF – leaving four decades of our city’s housing completely unprotected.

  • It prohibits rent control on single family homes
    or condos, which is why evicting renters and converting apartments into condos
    is a huge problem in cities with rent stabilization laws.

  • It gives landlords incentives to harass and
    evict long-time tenants by prohibiting vacancy control – policies that cities
    can adopt to stabilize the price of rental units, instead of letting them jump
    to market rates after a tenant is forced out or vacates.

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Reports and Research

To learn more about the effect of the Costa Hawkins Act, and why we need rent control here in San Francisco and throughout California, follow these links to read more.


San Francisco’s largest corporate landlord bought up more than 250 rent controlled buildings. Using Costa-Hawkins, they are systematically clearing out long-term tenants and spiking the rents to market rates. Yes on 10 would allow SF to prevent huge rent increases, harassment, and evictions that renters such as these are facing throughout the city.

Charitie Bolling and her mother Martha Simmons have lived in Bayview Hunters-Point for generations. For 12 years, they have paid rent on a home with an agreement that they could ultimately purchase the building. Now their landlord wants to sell the building. Their landlord is using a $1900 Costa-Hawkins rent increase to get them out instead. Martha works three jobs, 16 hours a day, seven days a week, and still cannot keep with the rent payments. “What’s happening to me isn’t right,” says Martha. “I’ve done everything I could for 12 years to pay the rent, and this rent increase just seems like greed.”

After a devastating fire destroyed the Sanchez family’s home, the Sanchez’s were displaced for over three years. Once the building was finally repaired, they expected to be able to move home. Then their landlord issued a $1500 Costa-Hawkins rent increase.  After fighting the first rent increase, they received a $1200 rent increase a year after.

“I’m here because we want to get the word out for people to understand that the rents are too high in San Francisco and we need to pass Prop 10. Yes on 10! “

Jackie (right), ACCE member

 “The rents are too
high and we need to stop evictions. Yes on 10! “

Beth Constable (left), ACCE member

 “Passing Prop 10
matters. Not just for Park Merced residents but it matters for all of us who
live in the city because in California housing is becoming more and more
unaffordable. I’m from San Francisco and I don’t like seeing how the city has
evolved. I’ve seen more homelessness than I’ve ever seen in my life here and it
is really is hurtful to see — even though there’s more wealth. More and more
people are unable to survive. I want to see affordability for our communities
so that our community members can thrive — not just survive on the streets.  “

Oumani, Park Merced resident, Member of SF Unite


#YesOn10 & #YesOnC – GOTV Countdown Calendar

Wednesday 10/31 & Thursday 11/1, from 4:00-8:30PM
Phone Bank at SEIU 1021 (Kansas St. between 16th & 17th St.)

Saturday 11/3, from 10:00AM-2:00PM
FINAL MOBILIZATION – Lower Haight, Meet at Baker & Fell St. (at park statue)

Sunday 11/4, from 11:00am-2:00pm
Phone Bank & Visibility/Outreach (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)

Monday 11/5, from 4:00-7:00pm
Phone Bank & Visibility/Outreach (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)

ELECTION DAY Tuesday 11/6, ALL DAY! 9:00am-8:00pm
Phone Banking & Visibility (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)
(3pm important training for final GOTV door knocking)

Outreach materials available at 558 Capp Street.

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Vote Yes on Prop 10 is endorsed by the following Local organizations (this is a Partial List)

Affordable Housing Alliance, Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action, Causa Justa :: Just Cause, Chinatown Community Development Corporation, Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods, Community Tenants Association, Council of Community Housing Organizations, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, Housing Rights Committee of SF, Indivisible SF, Latino Democratic Club, Mayor London Breed, Rose Pak Democratic Club, San Francisco Tenant’s Union, Senior and Disability Action, SF Berniecrats, SF Democratic Party Central Committee, SF DSA, Sierra Club, The SF Labor Council, The SF Women’s Political Committee

Important statewide
endorsements include:

California Association of Retired Americans, California Labor Federation, California Reinvestment Coalition, Courage Campaign, Democratic Party, League of Women Voters, Our Revolution, Sierra Club

For a more extensive list of statewide endorsements, and to find out more about the statewide campaign to vote YES on Prop 10, visit

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